Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tues 08/30 - I hate Dreamweaver

So, I've been sitting on my fat behind for another week trying to get a website up. I believe I've been at this since......Feb? March? 2 semesters of DW, special tutoring, Lynda.com and I still can't get it right.

I knew what I wanted my site to look like, I had it all planned out but after MONTHS of working on it I still didn't have a site where you could simply click on a pic and have it show up in a nice little box with grey around it. I tried Thickbox, Lightbox and now I'm in Jquery and Photoshop - this has been 100s and 100s and 100s of hours dedicated to this stupid site but I have nothing to show for it.

Oh wait - I did for a month but then the server "helped" me update my FTP  - and I lost 1/2 my content which was almost okay since I still didn't have a working gallery. So, I started from scratch, for the 9 millionth time,  AGAIN. I've given up what I wanted, I've given up any hope of having anything resembling my taste and spent the past week working with Lynda.com (AGAIN!!!!!!!!) to build a standard workable site so when I get to NY later this week I have somewhere to send people to see my work.  And that leads me to all what I've been thinking about last night and thru this morning....but first -

The other day I had to visit the vet. The dog and cat have had fleas all summer. They're Advataged and Advantixed, they're bathed regularly, I vacuum, comb and brush but nothing has helped. They still have had fleas which has lead to worms which brough me to the vet for my 4 the visit this summer. While I was there picking up antiworm antibiotics and more Advantage and Advantix a sales rep for the company walked up and introduced himself to me and started asking me questions about the products.I told him they're over priced, they  don't work and they've led to more doctors visits than if I'd just used flea shampoo.  I told him what I do and said "the 'medicine' is useless but I just keep trying"......his response: "Oh no, it's working. You're just not doing using it correctly" so he went thru the offical steps and all the dos and don'ts, all of which I already do and don't, and added "sprinkle Borax on every surface in the house, including your mattress, blankets and pillows, rub it in vigorously, leave it there for 15 -30 minutes and that'll kill the fleas.".................................................you gotta be kidding.

The fleas aren't leaping around, jumping on my clothing and biting me, it's not that bad but they are on the cat and dog. I use Advantage and Advantix because I want my guys to be free of ticks and fleas and they're not - okay they are for up to 2 weeks  out of every month but the other two weeks they're chewing and biting and inevitably they're sick with worms so now I'm using this toxic crap every 3 weeks.

The point is the product was supposed to be developed to keep fleas off the pets. If fleas are still laying eggs and producing more fleas and my guys are still chewing at fleas after all the treatments and baths and cleaning the product is not doing it's job. I shouldn't have to turn my house into a Borax  to do the job I'm paying Advatage and Advantix to do.

This is the way I feel about Dreamweaver - I've put in all the time and effort, I've spent thousands $$$ learning this ridiculously complicated fucking program and all the other programs involved and I still don't have anything to show for it. I sta here all day yesterday working on one tiny section of my site thru DW and ended up sitting on my fat ass till midnight trying to get a Jquery photo gallery to work but when it came down to the last steps the  thumbnails worked but the basic preview box didn't work right - you could click on a thumbnail but nothing would load into the preview box. So, I redid ALL the steps (with Lynda.com) to setup my page, the CSS, the blah, blah, blah...again nothing. Deleted my work started again....by midnight I had the same results. Woke up at 5 am determined to find the problem, deleted my work, started fresh, redid all my work with Lynda.com again....nothing. Went back to bed, got up at 8:30 deleted all my work, very patiently went thru all the steps with Lynda again, everything seeemd to be fine, saved it and when I did everything dissapeared but my code. My website was nothing but code. Again.

My point is - NOTHING like this should be this hard. Nothing should be this complicated. NOTHING. Famine is hard, building a computer is complicated but building a website and making your pets feel healthy should never, EVER, EVER be this impossible. I am absolutely preplexed - why don't these GYNORMOUS, smarmy companies make products that anyone can use instead of insisting that we jump thru hoops to get the results we're paying for? Really, are Adobe designers so wrapped up in feeling superior that they can't simply make a product that even stupid little me can use? Is Advantix so wrapped up in grabbing my last buck that they make a product that only does 1/2 the job?

I want my pets to be comfortable and I NEED A FUCKING WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Niether of which should be this complicated.

I'm going to the gym, haven't been there since last Wed. because of this. Then I'm coming back with a clear head to conquer this mother fucking Dreamweaver site - this should've been accomplished months ago...

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