Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pictures 08/09

I feel fortunate that I can work as fast as I do. For the most part, and unless I'm sick, I don't have to hesitateor mull over my ideas - I just act. "Please." the painting posted, is a good example of how I work. I laid the ground a few weeks ago, made 8 or 9 other paintings, worked on some pen and ink illustrations, got work ready for UGLY and then last night about 6:30 started working on "Please". I walked my dog, visited with a new friend and gotten enough work done on it so I was laying down watching a documentary by 10:30pm. This morning I got up, made some coffee and had the painting completed by 11 am. I feel extremely fortunate - last night Bugsy, Tiger Jack and I were choking on spray can fumes but I got EXACTLY what I wanted out the painting and the paint:

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