Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday 08/11 - 11:30ish

Just got back from the opening at UGLY Gallery and I cannot believe what an outstanding night it was. I met I don't know how many people - all ages, from all over (Providence to Boston), artists, politicians, gallery and business owners and a number of people who have come back to see the show for the 2nd and 3rd time.  Absolutely phenominal. And I have to say the level of understanding of art and artwork from this audience, the New Bedford audience, is something I haven't seen before. Normally people want to see what they know and what they've been told is good -  tonight I met well over 100 people who were thrilled to see new ideas. I even met people on the street who bought some of my prints! The whole night was extremely exciting. I feel completely validtaed.

A few high points:
  • Being told that my character Sassy Frassy was a spot on depiction of "I do what I want" "don't tell me what to be" attitude by several people
  • Being asked for Sassy Frassy t-shirts and stickers
And this may be juvenile and boastful but I am particularly appreciative to have been told:
  •  that I "put UGLY on the map tonight" by someone I respect    
  • that this is "the best show in New Bedford" by an artist who's work I admire
  • and that I have earned street cool.
This was an extremely successful night - it was definately something I never ever would have expected.

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