Monday, August 8, 2011


I've done the best i can to get ready for UGLY today - working on my goals and finishing work till last night. Today I'm off to help hang and price the work. There's a plethora of new work done specifically for this show and this gallery. Colorful, full of energy, big, explosive, emotional, smaller work full of power and everything from canvas' to work on drywall panels to skateboards and found wood. There's  black and white prints as well as one of a kind prints with acetate over lays matted and ready to hang. I think I've got a wide variety, I think I can be proud. However, I still have a hundred ideas ready to go to fill the gallery again....

Anyway, I'm off to the gym later. Don't really want to go but if I don't I'll lose strength, stamina and focus. Plus, I feel like I've put on ten pounds in 4 days. I feel mushy and gross. Can I just be skinny now?....I've been asking that my whole life.

Oh well, off we go....

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