Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday 08/23 6am

A few years ago being up at 6 am meant going for a 2 hour walk/jog from Rt 28 in Dennisport to Sea St. beach to Harwich and around. Now being up by 6 am means I'm in just too much pain to sleep and that's what happened again this morning. And, unlike my mornings before I had RSD, my walking is incredibly precarious. Theres not much more I can add to this, I've said it all 100s of times before including - THIS FUCKING HURTS!!!!!!!!! At least I'm not having tremors/seizures this morning - but my skin is burning pretty bad and my face is numb again which means tremors may be on the way...or not.

Doesn't help that I woke up having another "what if" anxiety attack again - what if this happens, what if that DOESN'T happen, what if, what if, what if....

Alright onto other things like drinking my coffee.

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