Sunday, August 7, 2011

08/07 - Kitty

Yesterday was a wonderful day - First, David and Jeremiah from UGLY came and picked up work for next week's show. They're both incredibly nice, conciderate, respectful, professional men. I appreciate having met them and how they're including me at UGLY but we're limited because of the size of the work and the size of their gallery - I have a 16' section, a lot of my recent paintings are 4' x 4'...oops. But, I know, they'll make it all work, they always do.

Second, Tiger Jack, my lil kitty had to be taken to the vet. He has worms. Yuck. BUT after the visit, instead of just heading home, dropping him off and then taking Bugsy for a walk in the woods - we all went. Bugsy, Tiger Jack and me. I don't think Tiger had ever been in the woods before but, once he got the hang of our walk, he trotted along like a pro. He wasn't afraid, he didn't cower, he kept moving and exploring ( as much as he could at the end of a leash). He ate grass adn tried to catch butterflies and looked at everything but he aslo just kept moving.

He's such a remarkable  little man - he's only 4 years old, he's had an unstable life but here here he is with me trotting along with a mountain of confidence. My little kitty boy is a wonder to me.

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