Wednesday, August 3, 2011

08/03 Wed.

A lot going on this week - getting ready for show at UGLY, trying to get started on skateboard designs and getting ready for court on Fri. I could already fill amuseum with work so is actually set but I watnt to finish up 3 more and have at least 2 skateboards done so we have more fresh from off the baker's rack options. However, the skateboards for Thuro aren't started - I'm not used to working on such a tiny surface so I'm a little disjointed.

For Thuro and UGLY I've been working on board designs using a little character I call Sassy Frassy but I don't know how well received she would be - she's based on a lil black doll I bought last year. My ideas could be misconstrued as rascist if I'm not careful with my presentation and if I don't clearly convey what I mean to say. Althpugh my intent is to express a smart ass attitude and a little anger th character is black and I'm not sure it's always perceived as a good idea for middle age white ladies to draw little black children in as a character......I'm afraid my actual intention could be lost in preassumed perception but Sassy Frassy is someone I can't get out of my head - along with Sissy Prissy Sassy's white, mousey counter part. We shall see.

And then there's court. I'm taking my landlord to court on Fri. It's something I've been extremely hesistant to do but he's made it abundantly clear that he's not going to take responsibility and fix things around here unless he's held accountable by someone of authority.  I'm tired of all the problems on the property - mice, rats, street people, drugs, leaky pipes, leaky roof, etc. Thru his excuses and procrastination, he's made it clear he has no intention of actually managing his own property on his own so off we go.

Oh, and to end on an up note - my book illustrations are coming along. Should be done in the next few days. I will start posting them as soon as I have a bit more work done. I'm really happy with the rework - hopefully this is the last time till I find a publisher!......? Gulp. That shouldbe an extrordinarily stressful process.......please keep your fingers crossed.

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