Saturday, December 31, 2011

12/31/11 - last post for 2011, year of the rabbit

And so here we are at the end and I swear on my high fiber cereal I never thought this year would end; I also never thought the shit streak I hit at the end would turn around but it has done both (end and correct itself) simultaneously. Not only did I struggle thru litany of self imposed goals this year but I breezed thru a bunch too and I managed reach almost every single one... even if it was done a bit sideways.

 Man, I can't believe I bought a pickup, went to NY twice - got to see Times Square, have coffee and tiramisu at Sardis, rode over the Brooklyn and Washington Bridges, saw Grand Central (!!!), Occupy New York, McDougal Street, several real Basquiats, met with all kinds of gallery owners but met a man who believes in me enough to book me in a one man in Brooklyn; took the same class twice at RISD, tried for 7 months to make a website that would actually work (and kinda failed at it), ended up having someone put together a website for me; re-illustrated and printed my book Scootertown twice in under 3 months, went to Tanglewood and finally got to see Prairie Home Companion, bought a kayak - found out I love kayaking but hate the growth in the water, saw both Mary Chapin Carpenter and Garrison Keilor live,  was in at least 7 shows this year (maybe more, I kinda lose track), took on a fight with an over-privelaged bully and predator, took a day trip to Martha's Vineyard; developed a whole new way of painting,, it goes on and on. I did a lot this year but now I have to look at the coming year - what do I want? Where do I want to go and be? What will my goals for the coming year be and how am I going to reach them? There's a lot to think about but because of the strides I made this year I've learned what different level of success can feel like and I know I want more.

Time to pull out pen and paper and start making my to do list for 2012 - it's gonna be a magical year. I just know it.

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Saturday, December 17, 2011


Packing, cleaning but mainly waiting. Waiting for the pendulum to swing back up again and trying really hard not to get into "mischief" in the meantime. Year of the rabbit seemed to get me so far ahead but right now I don't feel any further ahead than I did last year at this time.

No, that's  a lie - I have had a lot of success but I've been sorting thru all my receipts and it's daunting, all the things I've done to get where I am right now. I think I'd better sit down and list out my what I set out to do and what I've accomplished in 2011, then I have to get to work on organizing 2012 - fail to plan, plan to fail or so they say.

One of my biggest accomplishments for 2011: I did not drink even when I really, really wanted to and could've justified it, I mananged to control my impulse(s). That's pretty fuckin' amazing.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

12/10 - I'm a round peg and I don't have to try to fit in a square box anymore.

Tag Gallery is a new gallery space situated above Thuro skate shop 362 Boylston Street, Brookline MA Owner Gabe Holm moved from Warwick RI to the Boston area a few months ago in order to restart his business and I feel really fortunate to have been invited to participate in this first show - it might sound odd for me to have work in a skate shop place but sometimes unusual opportunities pop up that are too good to pass on and I'm really psyched to have been asked. Unfortunately, water and electrical issues and the year long struggle with my landlord (Nick Helgesen) over my work/live studio has prevented me from making as much work or the variety of work I'd planned but.... there we are.

All that aside, I'm so glad my work appeals to guys like Gabe and his gallery manager Joey (who also manages Boston Gallery 303)  - it leaves me feeling like there are no rules and the world is wide open to what I want to do. I'm not relegated anymore to painting any one picture  in order to garner shows, press or sales. Living on Cape Cod most of my life I had somewhat resigned myself to the understanding that when you live by the ocean you can only paint a few things: lighthouse, boat, sand dunes, water. That's it and that's all you should bother to submit to any gallery or gallery space. On the Cape there seems to be a belief  that the buyer's eye and scope of understanding is limited to sea side trite and that individuality is only permissible in exotic places like NY.

 However, with my new pals, art encompasses a much broader scope. No rules, no structure, no expectations, no limits.  You can mix media and build things no one has seen before -  guys like Jeremiah and David at UGLY Gallery in NB (who gave me a massive boost this year!!!) and all their patrons have taught me I don't have to be a round peg desperately trying to fit in a square hole anymore. I feel free to follow my own ideas. That's pretty incredible after years of not quite fitting in.

Anyway - here's some pics of the first show being organized and hung at Tag:

NB artist and musician Joel Monty and Tag Gallery manager, Joey, start the hanging.

Blemished Lily head sits on the floor behind the fellas while they discuss the best way to hang Monty's cat series.

Monty's cat series being hung by NB artist and musician Joel and Joey.

Some of my work including a double side illustrated board and an original work by NB artist David Guadalupe.

On the lower left - an original work by David Guadalupe, on the right a Monty hiding behind "Run Rabbit Run" one of several skateboard collages I made specifically for the show, Tag Gallery and Thuro.

A small pile of my work including "Civil" a hand inked, b and w silk screen print, "Angelina's wheels", Ik ben hier" a skateboard collage, " I know you can see me" a 4 board collage, and "I am here" an abstract on wood board"

Gabe Holm, owner of Tag and Thuro, getting ready to hang "Dysfunctional Objects". " "Ik ben hier" in foreground.

Gabe hanging one of Monty's works

Gabe hanging "Dysfunctional Objects"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

12/07 - Hey, what ya doin'?

So, for the past week I've been up to a my eyes in bullshit and work. I won't focus on the bullshit bc that's got a ways to go before it's over so I'll focus on the work I've been doing to get ready for a show at a new skate shop and gallery in Brookline MA called Thuro.
My pal Gabe had the shop in Warwick but just moved it up to huge space at
362 Boylston Street, Brookline, MA - several rooms, two levels the second being a space he's gnna use as a gallery. I'm really excitied an proud to be a part of his opening - Gabe's a good guy, hard worker and he stands by his word and having a working relationship with him is far more important to me than having my stuff hang up in a more traditional gallery setting. He's forward thinking, inclusionary,generous and trusting - and he's just nice. he's the type of person I appreciate being around. So I looked at this oppportunity as a super fun challenge - what could I come up with that's venue and costomer appropriate?.....well, i loke painting and illustrationg skateboards already so....
I think I came up with somethign new: deck collages or skateboard collages. I illustrated and painted masonite and drywall with chalk, aerosol, marker, acrylic and oil paints, attached a variety of othr materials and then mounted the boards. I really had a blast figuring out the project and here' a few of the results:
"I know you can see me" board collage - skateboard quad (shown at UGLY Gallery this past Aug) mounted on masonite, chalk, aerosols, marker, acrylic and oil paints, and other materials.   

"ik be hier" (I am here) board mounted on 3' x 4' masonite, pencil, aerosol, chalk, acrylic and oil paints, and other materials.

"Run Rabbit Run" board mounted on drywall and 2' x 2'  masonite - pencil, aerosol, marker, acrylic paint Damar varnish.

"Who we were" waiting to be mounted on masonite and paper - pencil, aerosol, marker, acrylic paint Damar varnish.

"Good dog" - waiting to be mounted on 2' x 2' Masonite and wire messh - pencil, aerosol, marker, acrylic paint Damar varnish.

Detail  "I know you can see me"

Detail "I know you can see me"

Detail "I know you can see me"

This is actually one side of a two sided board but I don't really ahve a name for it yet....I also haven't figured out how to hang it or place it....I want the viewer to be able to turn it or look at the side rthey like without me making the decision for them....this is a toughy.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

12/03 Combating shitty-ness

Combat lesson #1: when you're feeling shitty because some F-d up, shit ball shits all over your shit don't be shitty to others. Do something nice for someone who's feeling shitty instead.

Walked around downtown today after delivering some copies of Scootertown: Run Rabbit Run to UGLY Gallery this morning. I needed to give Bugsy a chance to walk thru the holiday stroll. He loves being around people and seeing kids.

It was nice and holidayish but on every corner there were (and always are) homeless people. And in my mind, no one gets left behind especially in a holiday celebration and you, your organization or community are only as strong as your weakest link. So I played merry for a while today and now I feel a little better than I did this morning.

Combatting shittyness one blanket and hot chocolate at a time.

If you're reading this and you can spare a blanket or a jacket or gloves or a hat or sweatershirt or a fleece pullover or a snack or a scarf or a piece of fruit  - find someone who could use the lift and give them a gift. Don't be shitty.