Saturday, July 30, 2011

07/30 - Saturday

This week has just flown by and I'm not sure I've gotten enough done. I did decide to drop my personal trianer for now and push myself to lose weight on my own - I've lost 5 lbs since Monday but am in a lot of [RSD] nerve pain and having trouble walking. It will pass, like it always does but for the moment...ouch.

Finshed "Run rabbit run" a 24" x 24" painted illustration of a character I'm calling "Sassy Frassy". Sassy is based on a lil carved ebony  doll I bought and have been thinking about since last summer. The doll stands approx. 2" high, is solid black and who's extremities move. I've been obsessed with Sassy because her tongue is sticking out in the most angry, aggressive manner possible. In the illustration(s) Sassy is running, legs splayed, pink underwear cutting into her vagina, arms in motion - she's funny and tough and angry with us. I just love her.

The trick is to make sure I don't come across as providing another typical, racist illustration of a black child. My intent, and art is ALWAYS about intent, is to illustrate defience, anger, discontent and action as it realtes to time thru Sassy - she's running with rabbits who represent time, change, etc. We'll see how it is received and perceived or ignored.

I bought Sassy, who came in a set of 4 ebony dolls, last summer because I really liked her defiant face- she looks exactly the way I feel most of the time, like: "fuck you, get out of my way". Only she can say it expressively and silently. Last week I bought a companion doll who is completely the opposite of Sasy. I'm calling her Sissy Prissy. Her face has an expression of solid trepedation and fear. She's fantastically creepy - I can't image a child wanting to own a doll who's face is as decidely fearful of the world as Sissy is.

Onto other things -
So let's see, on the menu today:
  • Finish up my two panel - Sassy Frassy and Prissy Polly, face off.
  • Walk Bugs...ugh
  • Apply metal wire to painting
  • Start large portrait of a man
  • Work on BOOK illustrtations!!!!!!! 
  • Kill neighbor.

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