Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday 10/09 - Bleakhouse

For a variety of reasons I've been feeling pretty bleak since I came back from NY. First, wanna be there NOT here. Second, money is getting tight. Third, I've had to wrangle with several people who's  bad choices effect me and my life. Fourth, I need to book more shows to make money and to get NY so that all the other plans and goals I set for myself this year to have had purpose. Everything (or almost everything) this year has been about attaining purposeful driven goals on schedule. Each goal I set, and reached, was a step to the next goal and a step to the next goal so that in the end I will have done all the work to get to my ultimate goal: living, selling and creating work in New York.

But here I am for now, in a small town where most of the people (not everyone but most) don't bother to dream of anything more than exhisting. It's depressing. I need to be around some people who are moving and full of life and goals and who work to acheive their potential.

I do have several shows coming up this fall and early 2012. Serendipidously, I met a young man yesterday who may be able to help get a show in Providence early next year as things are moving along just not as quickly as I'd like. My joke is: I'm like  Joan Rivers - I get asked to do a show, anywhere, and I'm there but for now I'm sitting on my hands....waiting and working towards the shows I do have booked. Can't wait to be in New York where the possibilities to make money and work towards success are endless if you know what you want and are willing to work hard to get it.

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