Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20 Just move

This has not been the most productive week - having trouble walking, standing and concentrating on my work. A number of factors have contributed to my lack of production but most of it can be blamed on all the rain we've had this week - I have water running thru the basement, coming in thru the roof and cracks in the walls. The rain storms have been wreaking havoc on my nervous system which leaves in a considerable amount of pain 24/7. Often times I feel like the floor or my clothes are fibrating quickly and violently.

I don't really like talking about it anymore, RSD controls so much of my day and the choices I have to make from what I'll be able to do to what I should eat - a slip up or overindulge in any area of my day and I can be left crippled for days on end and, now that I have committed myself to goals and own a clear  direction, I don't like giving in to anything that can set my goals back. I can't afford to - there's no back up.

Today's to dos:
  • Shower
  • Walk Bugsy
  • Got to city hall with rental lease
  • Post office 
  • Go to gym
  • Finish last two jackets for UGLY show
  • Get ready for court tomorrow (taking landlord back to housing court)
All I gotta do is get thru today. It doesn't have to be perfect just get thru.

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