Friday, October 21, 2011


Trying to refocus my mind - court was.......dissapointing. I walked in with pictures, emails, everything I was told I'd need and, in the end,  the landlord's winning prep boy smile and lying and manipulative nature won him the right to fuck with me some more. On top of housing drug dealers and ignoring a multitude of problems, he agreed in court 3 months ago and again 2 months ago to fix the roof - the roof still isn't fixed but the judge decided he's not in contempt of court. To make matters worse, he flat out lied in court over and over again and completely got away with usual. He told the judge he didn't know I was living in the building but got an "inkling" that I might be. In the end, this is HIS building so if he wants it to be a shit bucket that's his business. He'll have a crap building whether I'm here or not. But hopefully, when I leave, Karma will deliver justice - I hope Karma makes it impossible for him to rent it again. But who knows, it seems life favors liars.

Trying to find the life lesson here - is it how to stand up for myself? Is it a lesson in how to find the courage to hold people like this accountable? I don't know. But I do know that I'm angry with the outcome and not very proud of the way I handled myself in court - I got deeply shaken in court but I am proud that I had the balls to try to fight for my rights on my own. I'm proud that I said (almost everything) I had to say and that I stood up to him when he started harrassing me in the courtroom hallway. Not exactly a tough cookie but I'm learning.

Now I have to find a way to put my faith in Karma and turn my energy away from him and back towards work.

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