Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10/12 - Wed.

Feeling a little better today. Was able to open my backdoor and get some work done in the studio yesterday hwoever, I'm back to not sleeping well - having anxiety attacks that last for hours. My head keeps spinning with what ifs:
  • What if you never make your next big goal?
  • What if you've wasted this entire year and ALL your money trying to reach a level of success you're not meant to reach?
  • What if you end up with nothing, living in the street, all your work and money gone; all your goals reached for nothing....again???
  • What if you lose everything - what happens to Bugsy and Tiger? Is Bugsy so dependant on you that he can't live with another owner?
  • What if I don't start making a living at what I do? How quickly will the rest of my money go?
  • What will you do? What CAN you do if you're meant to lose at life again??????
Earlier this year I set my goals, opened myself up to possibilities and reached almost every goal I set for myself - this is the point where everything I worked for is supposed to happen. My hard work is paying off little by little but I need to make a path that will make my work pay off a little bigger and a little faster.......before my "what if" list becomes reality.

Breath, breath, breath...

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    1. Hun you are a FANTASTIC artist. CJ looked at your flyer today and said you would do very well in NYC. Patience. Baby steps. Everything will happen in its own time. You have friends that love and support you and will catch you if you fall down. Remember stick to the plan! Hugs!