Thursday, October 20, 2011

10/20 Deadstock show at UGLY

FRIDAY NIGHT ITS GOING DOWN! DEADSTOCK- a collaboration between Circa Vintage Wear and U.G.L.Y. will be happening from 7pm on. If you love fashion, art, and/or music, you need to be here. One of a kind creations of fashion, vintage photo stylings, and some furnishings unmatched, this event is definitely one fo the books. I know for sure we are out of the box on this one. Get here!!! Exclusive tee release and the lexicon of sustainability poster project also happening. Sounds by DJ Fahrenheit!!! Phew that was a mouthful!!!! Deadstock- Circa Vintage Wear X UGLYgallery & NEW TEE RELEASE! UGLYgallery

Here's some of what I've got in the show:

size 16 cargo skirt

Large men's workshirt "Dysfunctional objects"

Ms' med military jacket "Red energy"

Yellow vintage misses jacket "Jacket de foruna"

Large men's overcoat "Avi coat"

Poly coated/vinyl coat "The Anarchists jacket"

Large men's sweatshirt "Voce foi marcado hoodie"  -

Men's large cotton work shirt "Sassy Frassy: I do what I want"


Size 0 misses street punk vest "Sassy Frassy"

Large men's denim jacket "Spinning Lily"

For prices and info and a compllete list of clothing from all the artists at this show call UGLY Gallery at

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