Friday, October 21, 2011

10/21 7 pm

Threw my court documents in a tote, took Bugsy for a walk around a cranberry bog in Wareham, got a roast beef sandwich for dinner, met a nice vendor downtown at the Bio summit, showed her around downtown, and ate a gigantic cupcake from Arppagios(?)...Arpaggios(?) Arppaggios(?)... a coffee shop. I feel much better.  Gonna prep some canvas' and get ready to get back to work.

Also, thinking about loading up the truck with work and going back to NY to sell on the street. I gotta start gearing my focus on showing and living in NY. Focus, focus, focus.....need a new to do list. And maybe one more cupcake...

Keep moving towards my goal(s)
with determined eye(s) on the prize(s)...

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