Sunday, October 23, 2011

10/23 Sunday 8 am - Working on work

In a lot of pain this week and my walking has become a little more limited. I keep getting dressed for the gym but I haven't been but once this week. So, I'm shuffling my fat ass around NB in workout clothes - if I saw me, I'd laugh. A fat, middle age woman in stretchy track pants....well that's leaning towards typical!

Although I'm in pain doesn't afford me an excusew to not work on my work. Unless I'm having my seizures, my petite, mini, unsettling, who's shaking my legs and I can't see seizures, I don't have a choice but to do what I was put on this earth to do - I'm an artist. I have to do my work. I just have to be selective about where I spend my energy. So, this is what I spent my energy on Friday night and Saturday:

Friday night:
Prep work - rolled and brushed on spray black paint

Laid down spray paints Friday night, before the Deadstock show at UGLY
 and inserted a bit of context.
Saturday I took my time but inserted the rest of my context and applied colors in acrylic.

The central subject is a doll a friend gave me a few years ago. She's shown up in drawings, prints, illustration and paintings (including "Drowning Lily" and 6' x 9' oil painting

With the black prep work done, spray and acrylics paint applied I've moved on to adding oils - I use Gamblin oils and neo Megilp. The colors and consistency are pure perfection.


I'm trying to be spare on the canvas this time - I don't want to convolute the flow and make every single section of the canvas full and important. It's important to have some of the work hidden and let the viewer search - I don't want people to be able to look at my work and just know what's going on. IE: It's a tree. I want people to look for their own story or a story they understand in my work - and, less important, maybe look for mine .

The key to painting for me is painting not just between the lines but on the lines and to show a respect for blank space. Filling up every inch of the canvas is like screaming 24/7 - the behavior is predictable and after a while no one cares. Being respectful and mindful of blank space is much more engaging - the brush strokes and color have more impact because the painter isn't demanding the viewer acknowledge how well the painter can copy a piece of the world his/her viewer already knows. Blank space is/can be confusing and a little scary - like a whisper in the middle of a storm.

Got a ways to go but I'm gonna tip toe there instead of charging in like a bull in a beret.

For puchasing info contact Jeremiah at  UGLY Gallery, 246 Union Street ,New Bedford

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