Sunday, October 2, 2011

10/02 Sunday leaving NY soon

This has been an incredible trip. Met lots of fantastically open, generous and kind people both in galleries and outside them. I'm filled with hope and new direction  and trying to figure out what I'm gonna do from here. I know I'm gonna move here but when....and where....and how....??? And I have so much crap to sell and give away, it's daunting BUT there are so many possibilities to make a living as an artist here both in shows and on the street - it appears I actually CAN achieve the goals I have laid out for myself AND, at the same time, be around people who are all reaching for the same type of goals - it would be pretty great to be around more people who are just as invested in their own lives and art as I am. It's been a relief to be around people who aren't content with things the way they are and are wiling to really push themselves.

Things are looking pretty cool right now....feelin' hopeful.

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