Sunday, October 30, 2011

10/30 Inside the studio

Although I'm on a mission, sending out letters to publishers and galleries, I though I'd take a break and post some pics of my live/work - the "Cave de la Hermitage'. If you don't know, it's called the "Cave" bc it's made of cinderblock, bricks, and ship timbers. It has 2 skylights, no windows, and water running thru the basement/bottom floor. It's dark, damp, quiet and secure - like a hermit's cave dwelling.

Did mention 1/2 the lights don't work bc oif the water...."issues"?

Main level top upper level.

Where all my work gets started.

The enrepose lounge where all the thinking/napping

Messy AND organzied.

Milkglass palletts - just like Norman Rockwell used to use.

Stacked up surfaces, prepped and ready to go. "Waiting" on the easel waiting to be finished.

Reference for Scootertown

Laundry bin - it has wheels!

My Craig Grab's awesome.

The multi task table - black and white reference photos, Illustrator's Guide to Children's Book Publisher's and Agents, more ref material, black prep paint, coffee, paint splattered key board.

Work waiting to be wrapped.

Stored work.

And the lay about roomies:

Bugsy -  alias' include: Bugsa Boo, Snugsa Boo, Poopy Poos, Whooney Whose, Fun-a-Foos

Ton-a-Toos, Run-a-roos;  Pants, MR. Pants, Poo Poo Bottoms; MR. Loving Lovings, the Handsomes; Mr. Tinklesbottoms, Mr. Tinkles, Tinkley Toos; Bugs, Rugs, Rugs-a-roos, Stinky Pinks,

MR. Tiger Jack - alias: Kittaaaay
Sung to an Andrews sister like melody: 
So you made a big poos,
And you're honey honey whos,
Whatcha doin'?
 Kitty, kitty

To view work and less mess go to:
Contact Jeremiah at UGLY Gallery, New Bedford for purchasing info:

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