Saturday, October 22, 2011

10/22 Kayak

Started a new painting, which I'll post pics of later, but, in the meantime -
I'm selling my kayak. Would like to sell it asap - had my fun but I don't want to have to store it for the winter plus....

I have a phobia of stuff in the water. No, I'm not kidding. Tried to get over it but I'm absolutely freaked out by vegetation and stuff in the water....sea weed, grass, big rocks with green stuff, pond growth, tree The clearer the water and the more interesting the location the more freaked out I get - don't know why, tried to get over this weird fear I have but can't. Even the idea of kayaking over stuff in a river scares the crap out of me.... So, I figure I have a fairly good size, captive and responsive audience here on my blog so I'm gonna hope one of you (or your friends or family or aquaintances) enjoys kayaking enough to take it away:

13' Easky sea kayak with rudder and BRAND NEW rudder works;
NEW: Astral float vest
NEW: Werner adjustable oars
NEW: Handirack inflatable roof racks (hold approx. 180 lbs each and originally cost over $100)
NEW: Sea to Summit two wheeled Sea to Summit truck (orig. over $100) and ratchet tie downs and Sea to Summit water pump

Original package cost: over $1,650, SELLING FOR $1,350....or B.O. - but within reason.

The inflatable roof racks mkae it possible to carry the kayak on any vehicle - I toted it around on a 4 door this spring.

Kayak on inflatable racks - used them to carry the kayak on a Hybrid this spring!

Two compartments, adjustable seat and new rudder system!

Paddles, roof racks, water puump, vest, Sea to Summit carrier - ALL NEW!
So new the kitty likes the smell - that new stuff smell!

Brandy new

Roof racks with tie downs and air pump - so sturdy they can hold ME!
Each Handirack holds up to 180lbs - that's super sturdy! And, because they're cloth, they don't budge once they're in place or scratch your car's roof.

Slocum River, Dartmouth

A pond...somewhere in western MA

Ahhh, alone time.

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Will deliver, within reason.

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