Monday, October 24, 2011

10/24 Angelina's wheels

Normally when I do a project I can just whip right thru it bc I spend time working on it in my head first. I organize the work, paint it and visualize each step of the painting before I put paint down that way I can whip right thru it and work on organizing a 2nd, 3rd, 4th painting physically, mentally and emotionally as well. However, I didn't work out all the details on "Angelina's wheels" before I started - I sorta did but didn't and figured I had enough confidence in the concept to make it work so "Angelina's" ended up being heavier than what I thought I'd planned out - I think I'm going to do it again in a month or so but next time I'm really going to economize the content and materials so she's a tad more explosive and raw.

All my misgivings aside, am happier with her face:

A few earlier stages included:

NOT my favorite - I was afraid of painitng an image that would appear disrepectful to my model....THAT's when I derailed.. Next time: less laborious thought with a focus on economy.

Again, now:

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