Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mon. 09/06

There's nothing that can possibly describe the amount of relief I felt being in New York this weekend. After years of wanting to go and dreaming about what the city would be like I'd also built up this belief that only certain people are allowed to go to New York - only special people are allowed to make that trip to the world famous city but this weekend I was there! I stood in the very heart of the world with all it's lights and bussle and food and art and life....I was THERE! And it's not just for certain people or special people, the city is there for everyone but I feel like it's a city that exists for people with goals and ambitions and drive which is me now.

Until a few years ago I was just exhisting and waiting for someone to notice me - I painted, I worked but I never got anywhere. I felt like a hamster in a cage riding it's wheel with no idea how to get anywhere....or why! I loved Cape Cod (for the most part), I  was am still am proud to be an upteenth generation, native Cape Codder but I just couldn't get my footing. I was sad, broken hearted, worn down from work and exhausted from trying to get my artwork sold and now here I am, less than 2 years later, filled with confidence, a very strong sense of direction and purpose, headed towards the ultimate goal: being a working artist in New York City. Me. Yup, me. I'm no longer sad, depressed and floundering. I'm marching with a singular thought in mind: SUCCESS in New York. And I will achieve it. ....but first, I gotta write a few thank you notes.

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