Tuesday, September 20, 2011

09/20 Tuesday am Neo Megilp...mommy's favorite

This morning I'm researching galleries trying to find galleries that'll show someone like me - an unknown who's painting style(s) have nothing to do with what's been done before.....or at least, I haven't seen before. Although selling new can be a tough sell, I'm proud that whatever ability it is that flows thru me isn't safe or practiced. But anyway -

I'm, starting to work on applying oil to my new works. This is the point in painting I get really excited about - just before my brush meets oil paint and the two meet Gamblin Neo Megilp, a gooey, flowy medium that makes my paint vibriant and explosive with color. using Megilp brings me to this transcandental place where I can relax and get lost in the look and feel of the paint - the way it moves, the way it builds....it' just luscious.

I found Neo Megilp (pronounced meh-jilp) about a year ago and it completely changed the way I paint - my paint doesn't feel stiff any more, and I don't feel like I'm simply pushing product around trying to build an image -  Megilp makes my paint actually feel alive, like it has an inner presence or soul and athought process of it's own and it's bringing me to the image....if that makes any sense to anyone but me.

For years I used a traditional mixture of Damar varnish, Linseed oil and mineral spirits but I hated that it yellowed and dried so slowly - it's really not a mixture that is of any benefit to the work or the artist but, for the instructor who taught me to use it, it's all she knew. Being introduced to Megilp was one of the best things that's ever happened to me. My oil paint dries in a reasonible amount of time, it adds a rich and creamy texture to my paint and Megilp also works like a conduit for light trapping and the reflecting light off the underlayerse and backup up thru the paint.

So this is the point where I get excited - it's almost time to get lost in the life of my paint with my favorite medium.


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