Wednesday, September 28, 2011

09/28 - Wednesday

I'm supposed to be on the road back to New York this morning but there's something wrong with my truck. When I took it in for a quicky oil change the guys at Midas heard some nasty noises and assessed the engine to be "crap" and said it has to be replaced. I quickly took it to my mechanic who says it's not that dramatic - something is just loose. Although the guys at our local Midas were sincere in their concern for my safety, and I do appreciate it, I'm favoring Jim's diagnosis, -but either way it's going to be looked at during time I'm scheuduled to be on the road. Keeping my fingers cross it's NOT a major problem that's making noise under my hood but I've had to replace the radiator and the  transmission so far so nothing would surprise me at this point. Frustrate me and drain me of more money yeh  but surprise

However, if it is a(NOTHER) major fix up then I'll try not to take it personally. I'm going to try to view this as a sign from something bigger than me that I must be meant to go to New York another day, another time. If that's the case, I'll take advantage of the extra time and organize better for a future trip.

On the flip side - AAAAAAAAAAARGH!!! I've gotta stay on schedule to get where I want to be! And heav'n knows, after all this time, money and effort - I have got to get there!!!!!!! I've got to start making a certain amount of money each month, book shows, sell work and push, push, push for things to happen in larger, more lucrative arenas than I have access to now. I've got to meet people who can help make that happen and I've gots to start to make me some moneys!!! This isn't an option - this is my life, my job, my future.

But first, truck. One more cup of coffee and truck.

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