Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday 09/23 - Scootertown

The book should finally be done today. It was a rough 2 weeks trying to get this started and finished, there were a number of complications, but printing will be finish this morning and by noon we will have started binding them.

There are approx. 100....strike that, several copies have sold or been promised already, so  75 - 12" x 12" copies of "Stories from Scootertown: Run Rabbit Run" will be available for purchase. Here's the official book description and intent statement:

"An adventure in imagination and almost completely wordless, Stories from Scootertown is a series of books designed to let the viewer make up their own words to describe the story at hand. In the first book, Run Rabbit Run we meet Jack, a little rabbit brought up in a cold and angry top hat shaped bunny hutch, and Jimmy, a bookish little boy brought up in a loving home. Their first interaction is distressing but Jimmy learns how to deal with difficult people with the help of a delightful little turtle named HB and, in the end, Jack is surprised to learn he has a true friend in a roller skate wearing bird named Dixie.
Each  Scootertown book comes with a story specific map of the town and either kid friendly recipes, cut out/coloring projects or pull out activity pages that make the books charming, old fashioned, fun, completely interactive and memorable."

Other books in the series include:
·        Potluck extravaganza – Dixie invites everyone to participate in his potluck but instead of letting each character bring his own dish he tries to control things by assigning dishes.
·        Playtime – Squirrel Joel likes to read, sew and fish; Jimmy and HB ride camels and build castles; Dixie enjoys  baking and cooking for others; little dog Bugsy likes running and running and running while Jack revels being left alone to drawing and garden.

Sorry - no pics....where on earth did I leave that camera???! Took pics of the pages being organized and laid out last night......oy. Maybe it's in the truck....... but if you go to and look at the top right hand of the screen you'll see a tab that reads "Scootertown". And, although I'm particularly pleased with the look and feel of new ending, you'll only find the first 1/2 of the book. Copies will be available on Etsy asap or you can contact me directly thru the blog or the website's contact page. $20 plus shipping.

So psyched!

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