Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/10 - throwing in the towel : (

Sometimes yah just gotta throw in the towel. Sometimes you wanna throw in the towel but life won't let you so it forces you to learn to tie knots and punishes you for not getting the knots right by dragging you around by your hair. But once you start to get the knots right life takes your newly learned skill and has you tie yourself to the backend of a pickup for a nice drive down a quarry road.

THAT is what learning web design thru Adobe's Dreamweaver has been like for me - being dragged down a road filled with pointy rocks.

After month's of trying (and I mean by trying I mean learning, relearning, buying books, supplimental books, watching vids on frame by frame, getting extra tutoring on the side and, in general, just paying attention) life finally let me throw in the towel. I am pretty determined but I am at the point where I NEED a website or my work and career won't go any further and so the friend of a friend has stepped in to build a site for me. Thank God - not only was I running out of time but I was running out of furniture to smash.

Like letting a painting go when I can't get it to work, this feels so good to not have to work on this stupid site anymore....or for a while. I'm burnt. Now I can move onto other things like printing the book again, writing galleries, meeting with reps, and getting my house clean, doing alternative photo development in my basement and cleaning my house....which looks like I've been working my tail off the past few seasons on everything but cleaning.

To do list:
  • clean
  • laundry
  • clean somemore
  • go thru the piles of papers
  • vaccum
  • clean fridge
Start work for
  • donation painting to the Pilgrim Church - Working Waterfront, Oct.
  • show in Cambridge/Boston, Oct.
  • get photo alt photo processing down for show at UGLY, Nov.
  • PRINT (silk and copper) for UGLY, Cambridge/Boston show and the tattoo shop gallery 
In general:
  • write galleries
  • write publishers
  • write reps
  • lose weight
But first: coffee.

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