Monday, September 26, 2011

09/26 Monday pm

Having panic attacks....or anxiety attacks, I don't know which is which or if there's even a difference. Regardless - I'm freakin' about money, my future, my laundry, the Cave de la Hermitage, my illness, my weight, people who don't like me, people who do like me, living in New Bedford, moving, New York - both getting there and (of course) NOT getting my head, everything is looming large. It's all taking up  a massive amount of space in my head and making me nuts. EVERYTHING comes into my head and freaks me out and then nothing and then everything again.

Oh my gawd.....maybe I better tick off one of my to do lists. Nothing about the far future, just the immediate things that need to be done before I go back on this week's  exploratory mission to NY (....the city of my dreams):
  • finish researching galleries on gallery list
  • put together brochure mail outs
  • PU (pick up) contact stickers
  • put contact stickers on book
  • wrap books in cello
  • mail out first set of books
  • PU stockings
  • PU laundry
  • CALL and notify BANK about trip!!!
  • talk to Gail about watching kitty
  • stop by Att. General's office
  • clean out truck
  • stop freakin' and make your life happen.

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