Friday, September 30, 2011

09/30- Friday am

In New York till Sunday - having a good time but more importantly meeting people, handing out my brochere and feeling confident. Yeh, it took me almost 6 hrs to get here from New Bedford, yeh I got lost in Queens...really lost and yeh, we got stuck in thunderous downpours and yeh, the LIRR was hit by lightning and it took us 7 hours to get from Times Square to Copiaque meaning we didn't get to my pals home till almost 3 am  but I don't regret a minute.  I am proud to be here. It took years for me to make this trip - I feel I've finally earned the right to not only be in NY talking to people and trying to reach my next set of goals but to also call myself an artist. I am in New York.

......or at least I will be when we hop on the train again.Wish me luck.

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