Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thurs. 03/10

Today, Thurs, is the longest day of my week. I spend about 6 hours at AS220 printing (or trying to print) or cleaning screens and setting up to print and then I attend a web design class at RISD. Before my job at Trader Joe's this would have been no big deal, I was a workaholic and had tons of energy, but the job sucked the life out of me and has left me in constant pain.

On the job, and under constant threat of being fired, I tore the tendons off both my elbows, suffered "severe and significant" nerve damage that's spread throughout my entire body (RSD) and had to have carpal tunnel surgery to save my hands. 3 different surgeons told me, the damage was so bad, I'd never paint again but here I am. I have trouble walking, talking, and I have entire body parts that have gone numb - my feet, the skin on my back, (sometimes) my whole left leg and parts of my right, etc. Sometimes my face and motuh are totally numb while the rest of me, from my skin from head to toe, burn and hurt like everything has been shredded.

That job (and especially my boss) took so much away from me and got so little in return. But at least, I'm free to work on getting myself ahead now and without anyone standing over me, yelling at me, threatening me, lying to me, setting me up for manipulation, abuse and failure which is just part of what happened at Trader Joe's everyday. I am free. I hope I'm able to just keep working on my projects and I pray I'm able to find success thru my efforts. It's been a long, hard few years and I need to find my own way now.

Todays to do list:
  • shower
  • walk Bugsy
  • load files into truck
  • drop Bugs off with Susan
  • AS220 print studio - print either the 7 color tea cup 
  • class at RISD
Man, I hope I'm able to hold today. It's cloudy and going to rain which can cause debilitating "spells" and crippling pain. Keeping my finger crossed. I need to stay upright.

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