Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday 3/04 pm

So,I have goals and I'm good at reaching them. For instance, in December I set a list of goals for the new year and have pretty much reachewd them all including:

  • buy a shit load of larger canvases and Gamblin paint - check 
  • buy a pick up truck to transport artwork - check
  • have portfolio photographed - check
  • take classes at AS220 - check (so far: Van Dyke Brown, silk screen)
  • take web design class at RISD
  • join AS220 - check
  • PAINT - on again off again check
  • rework all the book illustrations - doing
  • print them in silk screen - doing
  •  buy a camera for black and white photos
Yet to be done:
  • take welding class at the Steel yard
  • take black and white photo developing at AS220; hire Danny to mentor me thru Van Dyke Brown process
  • send out portfolio discs with brochere to Firehouse 13, AS220 (check) and other galleries around Providence
  • FIND galleries around Providence
  • book shows for spring in Providence
  • go to New York, start to scout out possible galleries
  • get involved in flash shows
  • make friends
  • make connections
  • scout out new living situation in Providence
  • make video of painting for James
  • build website
One goal that I haven't made a dent in is my weight loss goal I have a personal trianer but I'm getting no where so I've started Slim fast. But my weight has less to do with my art than how I look selling my art so I'm not sure it's relevent.

Anyway, today I was supposed to get some errands done, walk Bugsy (my 20 lb Peekapoo)in the woods and paint but I did none of it. The restaurant experience I had last night had me so upset I only slept 4hrs so i walked around in a fog all day. I did manage to make a couple of marks on a 13 canvas piece and a 3' x 5' painting and I also designed my new logo - however, the plan was to have more energy (and confidence) than this and just tear thru the 13 piece set at least . But the incident in restaurant left paralized with self doubt and panic, two things I haven't felt for a while, and so I'm tired. Hopefully tonight I'll get some sleep and wake up ready to take on the world tomorrow.

P.S. When the painitngs are a little more interesting I'll post pics.

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