Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sat. 03/19 am

What a great week unfortunately it's left me a little weak. I'm in  a lot of pain and my hands, legs anf feet are swollen. I gotta take Bugsy out but walking is not going to be easy - he really needs to run in the woods.....oh well.

Anyway, this week was a great week and I owe it all to my pal Susan and the people at AS220. I don't remember ever having this much back up before -  I was bought up to believe you have to be competent enough to take the reigns, do it yourself and do it perfectly the first time and just succeed at everything you try. But it's not that simple. Really, no one can reach their goals without people who want to help, the decision to  invest your ego to instruction and trust in time. It sounds so simple now and maybe I'm a product of a can do dad but even dad had people on his side to help, support and guide him something that wasn't ever acknowledged. I was taught that I had to be robotic and just understand how to do everythuing and how to do it perfectly. But, I think I've found my place in the world (for now) with people who are willing to help me find confidence and to keep working on my goals. It's pretty incredible, I feel very fortunate.

On the side, Thursday night was St. Patty's day and I had web design class at RISD I'm not a St. Patty's day person, I think it's a ridiculous "holiday" who's only purpose is promote excessive drinking. But, I have to say, it was wonderful to get out of class and see so many kids on the streets having fun. So much life, so much fun! They were drinking and swearing and being overly dramatic about fulfilling what they perceive to be their roles on St. Patty's Day but it was still a joy to be amongst so much life.

However, when I reached my truck I found it pinned in  by two illegally parked cars - I was in the middle of a dystrophy attack so I wasn't feeling particularly patient with blatantly selfish people so I called the cops. I have to say, if you're ever in a tough spot and need police, call Providence police. The duo that showed up were polite, calm, friendly and just nice. The mini policeman said smiling "you're having trouble - hey, I could park a bus in that space!" The taller one said "jeez, I thought I was callin' a tow truck tonight!" so i handed them the keys and said "have at it". It took a while but they inched my truck out and considering the streets were packed with young drunks, they were as nice as could be about having to help me. Again, it took more than just one person to reach success but WE did it. We. I'm relieved to finally share space in the 'we' world.

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