Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sat. 03/12 pm

What a great day: I picked up Adobe Dreamweaver (the program I'm learning to use at RISD) to help me get closer to another goal - having a website, took pics of my painting hanging in the Hauk collection show at the Art Museum of New Bedford, Bugsy and I walked bits of Massasoit  State Park, had dinner at Pumpernickels........I'm so tired I could fall asleep right now but I really need to get some artwork ready for Tuesday. I love this feeling, accomplishment. I feel like I'm suceeding anf exceeding everything I've been years accomplish.

I do have to say though, sometimes I wish i had someone to share all this with. Although I don't miss being taken for granted in my relationships I do mind being so alone sometimes. But I suppose I'd rather be alone and doing as I see fit than being held hostage by emotional ties.

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