Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm still trying out how to make my win at Deblois as funny in writing as it was in person. Thought it'd be a cynch but but I'm not feeling very Margaret Cho.

The bottom line - there was a tag that read "Falissiom: hanging next to my large painting, "My Pet", but I didn't know what it meant and I could barely pay attention because someone had gotten paint on the new frame of my smaller painting "Mother". Globs of paint, globs of white paint on the new, over priced frame that I'd waited 2 and 1/2 weeks for  and crowds of people stood  between me and the frame and the white paint.My Rainman, OCD, gotta clean it, I buy my underwear at Kmart, 7:00 Judge Judy Rainman, kicked in.

I know I'm writing about this like it's a big deal, a big prize - in reality it's not but because I'm an outsider, a person left behind or marginalized, it's a relief to be accepted and acknowledged. When you're used to being left behind, being acknowledged is simply a relief.

Eventually, I did get to the frame. However, I didn't bother to shower and change before I left the house so I just looked like an odd, middle aged woman dressed in a stained sweatshirt and mud covered jeans, obsessively rubbing a picture frame. I did attract a stares, I'm told most people don't connect me with my work, that they expect someone younger....probably someone less wrinkly and thinner and better dressed so a number of people stepped gingerly when I approached the painting - let the cleaning begin, try not to act ferrel.

So, there I was butt in the air, trying to clean off the frame with my sweatshirt sleeve when a very nice gallery member came up and asked my name. This isn't the first time I'd been approached by a volunteer hoping to get between me and whatever damage they thought I would do to a piece of artwork. A couple of years ago, I was approached by an elderly volunteer at the Norman Rockwell museum while 5 more stood ready to take  me down. I'd waited my whole life to see his work in person and, in my excitement, I started sobbing and couldn't stop.

At the Deblois, my new friend aksed my quietly name. She had me clarify a few times, just to make sure - once again, I don't match my work. Eventually, she put a big smile on her face and expressed her congratualtions. My response "Oh, thanks.........For what?" She told me I'd won first place in show. I'd won for my abstract realism painting "My Pet". Smiling and full of grace, she introduced me to a number of visitors and gallery members - people who seemed a little surpised by my appearance but happy to meet me.

Oh, how I wished I'd showered. Not many momets come along where I'm warmly greeted and then  handed a prize - one should always make sure one is clean just in case one is the recipient of prizes and handshakes. Note to self: next time - shower, show up early, check the frames, and make sure you know your place in the gallery food chain.

Monday's list:
  • Get dressed
  • Bugsy to daycare
  • Bank
  • Truck to Jimmy for repair
  • PAINT! Finish the work, start something new, stop being a lazy, depressed, sad sack!
  •  Get print work ready for Tuesday at AS220

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