Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday 04/01

Phew, it's been a while.

This past week has been the big push towards getting the first edition of the book printed. I made mistake after mistake but just kept at it and now it's done, bound and at Craftland. It's not quite what I wanted but that's okay. It's done. Even though 1/2 of it was printed backwards (an easy mistake to make) and the emulsion blew off a number of screens, and it cracked and it didn't let the image wash out sometimes, it's done. There's so many variables to getting the print right or having it all go wrong but, at least now, it's done. The first step is done. Now I can concentrate on step 2 - printing it on the offset lithograph machine. We should have that done by next Friday. Still just in black, white and red but we'll have a truer book form when Jaque, Morgan and I are thru. - a more pallatable product that I can send out to people for review.

After all that work and all the screw ups I decided to take a day and go somewhere so Thursday at the begining of an April Fools rain/snow stor I got in the truck drove to Falmouth with Bugsy and took the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. We just drive aroud the island, something I've wanted to do for a really, really long time but never have. I think I took the trip just to prove to myself that I can do something besides work towards my goals and that it's okay to do something besides work towards goals.

I have lots of stories to share like: working with and getting to know Lauren, the artist in residence at AS220, the dilegence of Moragn the print studio manager, meeting all kinds of really nice, decent kids at AS220 and me running the one and only copy that made it out of my whole printing experience down to Craftland 30 seconds before Kris had to go.....but I have too many things to do today to help get me to my next goal.

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