Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 19th - cutting and cleaning old Rubylith (screen masking film) over new illustration.

Images cut out for silk screen application.

As you can clearly see, the ruby colored film turned the acetate(?) ruby thus leaving it unuseable or so I thought.

The Rubylith was old. I  bought it n sale at Jerry's but was freaked out to see the film had tinted the normally clear film red. I had NO idea what to do with the tinted acetate and was about to chuck it all when a friend suggested I clean it with rubbing alcohol. So, I cut out the shapes I wanted and then hit the pink tined acetate(?)  film with alcohol,. I dipped Qtips in alcohol and rubbed gently - that process cleaned it beautifully.

It took a while and some patience but it worked. The next day I was able to take the Ruby to AS220 and burn silk screen images no prob.

A sample of what I was able to print.

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