Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Been a while.

Although I haven't posted in a while I have been working on projects. A lot of projects. A quick over view includes:
  • Printing the book on the offset press with Jacque at AS220 and binding.
  • Sending the copies out to people for review.
  • Picking up the finished brochere, packaging it up with a letter of introduction, printing out a cover for my portfolio disc and then sending it all out to galleries.
  • Assisting Lois in a 2 week course on silk screen printing.
  • finishing....3,4 (?) paintings
  • Talking with several gallery owners including Judith Klein who invited me to participate in a group show in July.
  • And Jeremiah at Ugly, a new gallery opening soon in New Bedford.
  • I attendied another Providence critique.
  • Been creating new works for silk screen using Rubylith, a masking film.
  • Continuing my web class at RISD - not really getting it but I'm getting some help.
  • And, I've started back at the gym.
I feel as though I could be doing more but I just don't have the energy - the book took a lot out of me. Not only were there a multitude of problems silk screening everything but the offset, surprisingly, pesented it's own problems - I hought we had everything organized, turns out it wasn't organized enough and so the back cover was printed in the middle of the book and all the other pages were mixed up. Unfortunately, I wasn't there when we started printing. By the time I got in and the work had been done, most of my paper was used up so we had to get more. All, with things moving at a snails pace or not moving at all, we lost two days. On top of all the work and rework, I have this rare form of dystrophy that makes every move impossible some days but the RSD can make even a good day horribly stressful.

Anyway, that's the jist...jyst....jest(?)....jast....gyst...gist....whatever of it. As soon as I can I'll post pics and more info. Too tired right now and I'd rather produce with the energy I have than write.

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