Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday 04/02

Yesterday i was invited to a gallery here in New Bedford. It's something I've wanted and waited for - the kid who's running it is outgoing, positive, progressive, exciting to be around, pleasant, and well liked. He's a joy to talk to and he's a real hard worker. However, I found out this morning that he's going to be working with people whom I will not work with again. I will not work with people who are not only negative but are people who put their egos before the betterment of the whole group.It's a shame. I was really looking forward to having shows with this kid but I can't put myself in another situation that involves manipualtive, controlling bullies. The situation is unfortunate but I have better ways to spend my energy.

So, today -
  • off to AS220 to clean up, rework some pages, get the book to Kinkos to hav it copied and put on a flashdrive so we can apply the images to plates on Tuesday;
  • and I gotta get to Craftland - fill out show form and check on book....I hope the fresh ink pages aren't stuck together.  
  • Then I have to find the Butcher Block - check out the show and hopefully meet Tabitha from RK.
Then when I get home -

  • Call Adobe and get help loading Photoshop.
  • work on RISD homework
  • PAINT.
I'm hoping all this work leads somewhere and leads to a place that I'm comfortabel with.

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