Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tues. 04/26

Can't believe this month is almost over - I haven't gotten nearly as far as I wanted to/needed to. I think I've given this month my best but I still am angry I didn't fill my calender up with shows. I'm booked for a group show in June, a possible show in August, I do have something for November as well as a one month booked for next year but I should have at least two shows booked each month - also, I need to sell. I really need to sell.  Showing is great and a step but selling is the goal.

Today I'm headed back to AS220 to work on some black on black prints that I left to dry - I still have some wok to do to get them to the right level  of detail and then I've got another image I'm going to print - multi color this time. Hopefully, these prints will produce quick sales. I've been offered a space in an online store but I also want to try Etsy. I'm not sure my stuff is very Etsy but I'll give it a try. For my mental health, for my emotional health and for my financial health I need to sell.

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