Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The middle bit

Blogger wont let me turn these photos right side up so....tilt your head just a tad and it'll be fine.

I'm posting these pics bc a number of people have asked me how I work - do I grid (no), do I sketch out my ideas first (no), what do I work with (acryilc and oil paint, colored pencil, ebony pencil, oil pastels, and things to carve with), how long does it take from start to finish (on average it takes me approx 3 days to start and finish any project BUI I'll have several other projects going on at the same time), etc. So I'm posting pics of an abstratct expressionist painting from begining to end.

One thing that may not be as easy to see, and I apologize to anyone who's interested, is the way my work plays with light. I enjoy working black on black because there are opportunites to play with ligth by intergrating black reasources - pencil, different types of black paint, acrylic and oil mediums, etc. Picasso predicted that our next great works would be works based on light - I have no interest in being another Chihuly, the great glass artist,or Thomas Kinkade, ew. But I am interested what is revealed when light is exposed to different media in painting. Although these photos don't reveal a lot of the detail, I hope they do give the viewer an idea of the effects I am working to acheive.

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