Tuesday, November 1, 2011

11/01 - "Waiting"

Finished "Waiting" last night. The work is part of a show I have coming up in 2012 at the ReBar's Walk Way gallery in Brooklyn. Exact date TBA. For more info go to ReInspire Brooklyn at http://www.reinspirebrooklyn.com/

Start 10/14/11 - black prep, chalk  and aerosols.

An hour after initial set up later

Work resumed for a bit on 10/24

...and again on 10/30

But si! Fini!!! 10/31/11

The lighting in my studio is just terrible so please be patient.
Regardless, the panels are not meant to sit close together but instead they're meant to be approx 4" apart OR in completely different rooms...I'd LOVE to see them split apart and displayed in seperate rooms. The eyes are a bit off kilter because I wanted them to be off putting. The panels were painted seperately and not togther as one unit.


To view more work by Beck go to: becklane.com/

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