Friday, November 18, 2011

11/18 Gettin' ready

For a while I didn't think things were gonna gain traction but now things are a hefty old train. Luckily, sometimes anyway, I have a pretty good feel for what may be coming and I'm good at orgainzing things so I'm prepared - I know that's cryptic and makes no sense...

Regardless, I have about 3 weeks to get ready for my next show (yikes) and about  6 weeks to figure out where I want to move to and find a new place to live, sort thru the rest of my stuff, move my paintings to storage, sell my fridge, closests and anything else I don't need, get my drawing table and then clean up whatever mess I've made in the Cave. That should keep me busy.

What will I use for inspiration? ......that's what.
Oh and .... cannot get this outta my head.

Note: don't forget to cancel cable and gym membership.

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