Tuesday, November 29, 2011

11/29 - paint on my keyboard

Sad about what's going on with my rental but today I feel like I can make a little headway in getting ready for my show at the new Thuro skate/gallery location in Brookline. Gabe, the owner is a really great guy who asked me to be a part of his opening months ago but he just secured a location so this  a little last minute but oh well. I keep my word.

A few years ago there was no way i'd hanging my work in a skate shop/gallery. Being an artist on Cape Cod I thought I learned to conform my opinions of things based on the norm and fine art galleries are perceived to be the only tru measure of an artist - since moving off Cape, I've begun to realize #1 the audience for my work is young, #2 young upstart artsist don't show in galleries necessarily and #3 being given the opportunity to show in space like Gabe's and have someone like Gabe see my work as valueable enough to be included in his world is a gift. Plus, I love being included and, once again, I've been lucky enough to fall in with another group of guys who are INclusive and not EXclusive. So inlclusive in fact that he's allowed me to bring some New Bedford guys along to be included in the opening show!

So today I'm gonna:
  • Walk Bugsy
  • Come back to the Cave, clean up a bit
  • Get back to producing work for Gabe's Dec. 10th opening of Thuro. Pics will be posted asap.
And I'm gonna put the slumlord problems to the side for now...howveer, I wish the lights worked inthis place. It's hard to see.
To visit Gabe, his shop, gallery and potential studio space go to:  
Thuro 362 Boylston St, Brookline.

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