Monday, November 14, 2011

11/14 Monday - Neurrigabe gogo dut

Been absent from things for a bit do to pain but I was able to tackle a canavs that's been confounding me for MONTHS.  It came to me as pasrt of a collab project with my friend John Boucher - he loves to cover his canvas' with a teal colour which is what got me - teal with purple swipes. I've stared at it looking for a pattern or puzzle I could do womething with but it just baffled me till I added my ususal base - flat black. After the black was applied the project was a breeze.

Black on teal laytex

Chalk sketch, aerosol and heavy acrylic from the tube

Oils, more chalk, oil pastel, more aerosol

And fini! .....for now.

"Ek het ongebreidelde entoesiasme wat nie verlore gaan, maak nie saak wat jy doen vir my" (Afrikaan)

In English: "I have unbridled enthusiasm that cannot be lost in you no matter what you do to me"

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