Friday, July 29, 2011

07/29 - Friday

Getting ready for the show at UGLY in two weeks - so along with a massive list of to dos that I've been to doing to not only get ready for the show but also to build on my art "career", I've completed (or nearly completed) 6 new works specifically for the show. UGLY is a bright, sharp gallery here in New Bedford that hosts bright, colorful, contemporary works by bright young artsist - and although I can't become a bright young artist I can create work that reflects the gallery's misson. So, instead of walking int he door with a stack of dour, dark paintings I've put together a few pieces that are meant to reflect the gallery and it's audience without being either a parody or a condescending attempt to fit in. Most of all I want to sell, that should always be the bottom line - sell, sell, sell.  BTW - UGLY stands for: U Gutta Love cool. the name is the perfect reflection of how positive and uplifting these guys are that's why I can't bring in dark, hi I'm a crazy person who lives in a cave work.

And, as soon as I figure out how, I'll have work for the show posted on my wbe page and I'm posting it on my FB page Beck Lane, artist

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