Wednesday, July 27, 2011

07/27 - Wed.

Okay - still working on website and getting the pictures to enlarge in an attractive window. Can't wait till that's done but once it is I get to start all over - the site's window is too large and, now that I have more experience, I want to make build a better mousetrap.

Two days ago I found out I'd gained 20 lbs not only missing ALL my weight loss goals but adding to the problem. My gain is frustrating and seems impossible - it's a problem I've struggled with all my workout life. It seems that every weight I lift or push adds to my body weight. Every step forward puts on a nother pound. And I did waiver bewteen just throwing in the towel and putting y energy and focus elsewhere and digging in further. I decided to dig in further. I've also decided to cancel upcoming appointments with my personal trainer, go in to the gym 6-7 days, workout no matter how bad I feel and hang up notes around the house with my weight written on it. I thought I was doing the best I could before - I will work harder. My first original goal was to lose 25 lbs, that didn't happen instead I gained. My new reset goal is 50 lbs. I WILL attain it. I WILL take my frustration and turn it into determination and lose 50 by Columbus Day.

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