Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday 07/25

Now that I have a basic version of my website up I can start to concentrate on other things like keeping my head down, my eye on my goals and aslo keeping my fingers that all this work and money is going to pay off. I'm so afraid of the "what ifs" that I have a hard time sleeping. What if nothing sells, what if the book isn't book up, what if my shows don't produce lucractive shows and ventures - I'm afraid I will end up exactly where my father told me I'd be: destitute and on the street. I'm scared shitless but I have to keep working on my work, I have too.

Hopefully, my big project this year, my website, will reach search engines and can be searched more easily. Till then the only way to find it is thru the address bar and posted links:
There's still a lot of work to be done on it but at least I have a base now. That's kinda the way I feel about everything that's happened this year - I've taken my money (a lot of money) and built a good base I can work from by setting goals, building a plan and sticking to the plan. It's not something I was ever taught to do but I've learned how thru trial and error (a lot of errors) and years of not understanding what I wanted or how to get things done but now I'm there and fully capable of doing extrordinary things....if the universe will let me.

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