Tuesday, July 26, 2011

07/26 - Tuesday

Okay so, even after months of work, the website is not what I want. I found out in class last night,during our critique, that some of the links don't work, the fonts don't work in every engine and I still don't have a nice looking workable window to view my pop up images. It's frustrating but okay - I know what to do to fix most of the problems. The rest my instructor, Donna Salisbury is helping me with.

I am, however, deeply disspaointed in myself - my weight most specifically.I joined a gym in Jan(?) with the goal of losing 35lbs by my birthday in April which would get me below 200. I hired a personal trainer, set goals at the gym, went like clockwork and didn't lose an ounce. So, increased my workouts with the trainer, nothin' - my birthday came and went and I didn't reach my goal.

Mid April, I hired another trainer. It's been 3 months and instead of losing I've gained 20 lbs. My diet is extremely simple, clean - at the core of it is lettuce and a fresh vegetable drink. I've cut out anythign extra - no more almonds, no more Whole Foods granola, I limit my baked goods to one items once every two days, IF I get ice cream it's a small soft serve once a week which I split with Bugsy. I walk Bugsy 3 times a day up to an hour each, take him for 1-2 hikes, find walks that are primarily up hill, ride my bike for as long as I can, walk the treadmill, blah, blah, blah. Not only am I getting not only absolutely no where, in fact, I'm going backwards.

I cannot take another year at this weight/size but have no idea what to do to get where I want to be - the RSD has put limits my workouts, my the injuries make certain exercises an impossible...I am absolutely desperate at this point. On the whole I feel incredibly fortunate, this is one place I feel stymied.

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