Saturday, December 31, 2011

12/31/11 - last post for 2011, year of the rabbit

And so here we are at the end and I swear on my high fiber cereal I never thought this year would end; I also never thought the shit streak I hit at the end would turn around but it has done both (end and correct itself) simultaneously. Not only did I struggle thru litany of self imposed goals this year but I breezed thru a bunch too and I managed reach almost every single one... even if it was done a bit sideways.

 Man, I can't believe I bought a pickup, went to NY twice - got to see Times Square, have coffee and tiramisu at Sardis, rode over the Brooklyn and Washington Bridges, saw Grand Central (!!!), Occupy New York, McDougal Street, several real Basquiats, met with all kinds of gallery owners but met a man who believes in me enough to book me in a one man in Brooklyn; took the same class twice at RISD, tried for 7 months to make a website that would actually work (and kinda failed at it), ended up having someone put together a website for me; re-illustrated and printed my book Scootertown twice in under 3 months, went to Tanglewood and finally got to see Prairie Home Companion, bought a kayak - found out I love kayaking but hate the growth in the water, saw both Mary Chapin Carpenter and Garrison Keilor live,  was in at least 7 shows this year (maybe more, I kinda lose track), took on a fight with an over-privelaged bully and predator, took a day trip to Martha's Vineyard; developed a whole new way of painting,, it goes on and on. I did a lot this year but now I have to look at the coming year - what do I want? Where do I want to go and be? What will my goals for the coming year be and how am I going to reach them? There's a lot to think about but because of the strides I made this year I've learned what different level of success can feel like and I know I want more.

Time to pull out pen and paper and start making my to do list for 2012 - it's gonna be a magical year. I just know it.

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